River Rats RANGITAIKI Grade 3-4 RAFTING TRIPS 蘭吉塔基3-4級漂流之旅

RANGITAIKI 3-4級漂流體驗將使您在漂流過程中欣賞到100%純新西蘭原生樹木和種植園森林的美麗,同時也能使您能夠迅速湍流的水流,時不時還有四濺的水花會一躍 而入。

The Rangitaiki grade 3-4 experience is the next level expedition combining the beauty of 100% Pure New Zealand native bush and plantation forest with the rushing rapids and foamy white waters of ‘Geoff’s Joy’, a torrent and the primary Grade 4 rapid.



River Rats 漂流將帶領您穿越新西蘭最棒的漂流區的心臟地帶 —— 位於羅托魯瓦的Okere。本次體驗將為您提供所需的所有裝備,經過大約15 – 20分鐘的初步培訓後,您將水上暢遊約50分鐘。您將享受到各種形式的漂流體驗,包括從三處瀑布中墜落,穿過14個急流的急流,以及在平靜的水面上划槳;使您一次行程就能夠全方位的體驗漂流的樂趣。

River Rats rafting and kayaking adventures take you deep into the heart of 100% Pure New Zealand. Pack your sense of adventure and join us on the river for rafting experiences across grades two to five, including almighty waterfall drops, rushing rapids, and calm pools of recovery.

River Rats also offers lake kayaking and river sledging activities for more fun on, and in, our rivers and lakes. Guided kayak trips take you to the Manupirua Springs Hot Pools or take your own tour with freedom kayak hire. Sledging takes adventure to another level as you experience the river from eye level while guiding your sledge down river.

DurationYou will be on water around 1 hour 45 minutes, allow 4 hours (excluding travel time)


Image Source: River Rats