ZORB Straight Track 直線賽道- DRYGO -直線乾球

夏天10月-4月天氣太熱 乾球暫停開放,濕球全年開放。輸球不濕身。一個悠波球承載一到三位玩家。從250米高的“山坡”上滾落。兩條直線滑道並肩而建,來一場速度大比拼!

Superman dive into the ball on your own or have one, two or three friends in there together as you slip, slide and laugh your way down the 250m long slope. Riders have the option of racing their friends and family down our dual tracks – and if you have the skills, try stay upright and run all the way down the hill (for the extra competitive).

在全新的DRYGO騎行中,讓您在寒冷的冬季保持乾燥。 DRYGO經過專門設計,可模擬水上滑行,並在兩層之間放置了雙層球,並且可以在我們的直道或響尾蛇賽道上使用。 DRYGO可以選擇與一個或兩個其他人一起騎行,是想要騎行但又想保持乾燥乾燥的人的完美選擇。 最棒的是……您不會倒立,也不會暈眩!!


Defying physics and keeping you dry on those miserable winter days is our brand-new ride the DRYGO. With a double layered ball and water placed in between the layers, the DRYGO has been specially designed to simulate a water ride and is available on either our Straight Track or Sidewinder track. With the option to ride with one or two other people the DRYGO is perfect alternative for those who want to ride but want to stay nice and dry. The best part… you won’t flip upside down and you won’t get dizzy!!

Please note: DRYGO is weather dependent as it can get hot inside the ball, so in the warmer months DRYGO is not available.

Image Source: ZORB