TranzAlpine – Christchurch to Arthurs Pass Return Trip 高山觀景火車基督城-亞瑟通道當天往返
欣賞沿途無限風光—途中停靠多個站點,—亞瑟通道(Arthurs Pass)
The train passes through the Canterbury Plain
and up the plateau to enjoy the infinite scenery along the way
stops at multiple stations on the way –Arthurs Pass




欣賞沿途無限風光—途中停靠多個站點, 沿懷瑪卡里裡(Waimakariri)河

前往亞瑟通道國家公園(Arthurs Pass)

The route firstly heads north-east to join the Waimakariri River gorge.

This aqua-blue river will appear and disappear out of your window several times

as the TranzAlpine clings and climbs up the cliffs above it.

During the ascent to the high plains of Craigieburn, there are 15 short tunnels

and four dramatic viaducts, including the 72-metre high Staircase Viaduct.


Image Source :Tranz Alpine