Dolphin Encounter-Swimming 凱庫拉海豚奇遇(與海豚共泳 & 觀賞票)

與海豚共泳是一種獨特而受人追捧的活動,通常被稱為改變生活的經歷; 創造任何活動中最特別,最溫暖的回憶。

Swimming with dolphins is a unique and sought after activity often being described as a life-changing experience; creating the most special and heart-warming memories of any activity.

每艘船隻限16名游泳者,並備有足夠的額外觀看空間。 我們有三艘海豚游泳船,每天最多可以進行三趟遊。 請盡快預訂您的海豚游泳座椅。 觀看海豚的座位不多

There is a limit of just 16 swimmers on each vessel with plenty of additional space for watching. We have three dolphin swimming vessels and are able to operate up to three tours per day. Please book your dolphin swim seats as soon as you can.

Image Source : Kaikoura Dolphin Encounter