South pacific -Kaikoura helicopter whale watch PREMIER 60MIN 凱庫拉直升飛機觀鯨60分鐘


Kaikōura is the best place for whale watching in New Zealand, and one of the top spots in the entire world. Experience it from a whole new perspective and see the entire whale!



在您的旅途中,您還可以看到令人難以置信的好玩的Dusky Dolphins和新西蘭海狗,這也被稱為聖所。然後,您將沿著美麗的海岸線,到達壯觀的Seaward Kaikoura山脈,在高山上降落,從海洋上空超過2500米攀登。

From our helipads located adjacent to the unique Kaikoura Whale Sanctuary we can have you airborne and searching for the amazing leviathans of the deep, the Sperm Whales that are resident in the Kaikoura region year round feeding in the rich waters.

During your experience with us you will be taken on a journey above one of New Zealand’s most unique areas, due to the special underwater geography of the area, it enables a huge abundance of food to be produced due to a large upwelling and mixing of both warm and cold currents. The food produced here supports a very diverse variety of marine life including many types of whales that migrate through the area such as Humpback, Southern Right, Blue, and of course our resident Sperm Whales the worlds largest toothed whale.

During your trip there is also a chance to see the incredibly playful Dusky Dolphins and New Zealand Fur Seals which also call this sanctuary home. This experience  then takes you to  along the beautiful coastline up to the spectacular Seaward Kaikoura Ranges for an alpine landing on the mountains, which  rise over 2500 meters out of the ocean.

Image Source : South pacific helicopters