Hydro Attack Individual Shark Ride 鯊魚船


Reaching speeds of 80 kph on the water and 40 kph diving under the water,experience a one-on-one ride with one of our friendly and experienced pilots in our semi-submersible shark.

與我們經驗豐富的飛行員一起進行一對一的騎行。在戰鬥機和魚雷之間的交匯處,以80kph的速度掠過湖頂,再潛入湖下,接下來,飛行員將鯊魚船對準天空,再次向後爆衝,直飛向空中,然後再次尖叫將湖破碎成如百萬個水晶碎片。Hydro Attack是獨特的半潛式鯊魚船是全球首創,因此,來到皇后鎮時,不要錯過機會。

It’s time to scream in the shark machine. Operating from our berth in central Queenstown we will take you on an adrenaline-packed ride out on stunning Lake Wakatipu. Like a stunt plane on the water – sit back in the cockpit and get ready to feel the g-forces as our expert pilot gives you an experience you’ll never forget. Looking through the F-16 fighter grade glass of the semi-submersible shark you will see the sky disappear as your pilot descends into a long dive under the water only to then breach the surface and launch the entire 6 metres of the shark in the air. We can roll on a 90′ angle, do tight doughnut turns and reach top speeds of 80 kph on water and 40 kph while diving underwater.

Image Source : Hydro Attack