Real Journeys Doubtful Sound Wilderness Cruise (ex Queenstown) 神奇峽灣探索自然巡遊(皇后鎮大巴往返)
  • 您將穿越水晶般清澈的瑪納波里湖,前往西阿姆

  • 亮點是穿越峽灣(Fiordland)的雨林和威爾莫特山口(Wilmot Pass)的教練之旅

  • 我們專用的自然指南將讓您了解該地區的動植物

  • You’ll cruise across crystal clear Lake Manapouri to West Arm

  • A highlight is the coach trip through Fiordland’s rainforest and over Wilmot Pass

  • Our dedicated nature guide will let you know all about the region’s flora and fauna

巡遊將從Manapouri開始,首先在風景如畫的Manpouri湖巡遊,隨後會穿越Wilmot 隘口上方新西蘭最昂貴公路,途中會停下來讓客人們體驗茂密的Fiordland雨林,並在遠處眺望神奇峽灣。在神奇峽灣里,客人們將登上寬敞的、特質的船,並在這樣一個峽灣里巡遊約三個小時

Experience the spectacular, remote wilderness of Doubtful Sound on our guided day trip. Journey across Lake Manapouri, over the breathtaking Wilmot Pass and into the heart of Fiordland National Park. This is a must-do for nature lovers and explorers alike.

Duration: 12 hours
Start with a cruise across Lake Manapouri, followed by a coach trip over the epic Wilmot Pass through Fiordland’s rainforest and into the Sound.
A 3-hour cruise through the waterways of Doubtful Sound
Cruise onboard the majestic Fiordland Navigator, designed in the style of a traditional scow sailing ship

Image Source :Real Journeys