The Helicopter Line Mount Cook Tasman Glacier Heli Hike 庫克山 塔斯曼冰川直升機之旅 冰川徒步


A heli hike on the Tasman Glacier in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is an adventure usually reserved only for experienced mountaineers.

Professional and experienced guides.

You’ll fly from Mount Cook airport over the gorgeous Tasman Glacier Lake and ice formations on the lower reaches of the Glacier to a location 3000m above sea level and assessed on the day to be safe. Venture on to the surprisingly undulating ice terrain in the shadow of the highest peaks of the Southern Alps (Aoraki and Mount Tasman); equipped with glacier boots and crampons and spend the next 2 hours in another world in the mountains. On the return flight home, you’ll fly close by the massive 1,000 metre high (3,200 feet) Hochstetter Icefall on the eastern face of Aoraki/Mt Cook

  • Scenic helicopter flight onto the Tasman glacier for an epic hiking adventure.
  • Explore glacial ice formations on a professionally guided hike for up to 2-hours.
  • Soar over the Southern Alps on a stunning scenic helicopter flight.
  • A unique walk on NZ’s longest glacier.
  • All equipment – glacier boots & ice crampons. A waterproof jacket if required.

Allow approximately 3-hours duration for the whole experience


Image Source : The Helicopter Line