Tekapo STARGAZING TOUR 蒂卡波觀星之旅(含接送)


Tour includes:

  • Fully guided indoor or outdoor star tour (weather dependent)
  • Dark sky exclusive hot pool experience
  • Complimentary towel hire if needed

Duration: 2 Hours






Wonder at the dazzling beauty of millions of stars in some of the clearest, darkest night skies in the world! The Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve is one of eleven worldwide and the largest one in the Southern Hemisphere. Let us take you on a Journey of Discovery to the limits of outer space exploring the amazing features of the southern skies.

This guided portion of the tour focuses on the stars, planets and galaxies that can be currently seen blended with the fascinating mythology and legends attributed to celestial objects by different cultures around the world.

A two-hour experience, the first half of this guided indoor and/or outdoor tour introduces you to Tekapo’s amazing night skies with a unique combination of astronomy and storytelling. You will then enjoy exclusive use of 37.5 degree hot pool; lie on a floating hammock and feel like you’re soaking in the stars as you explore the wonder of night skies!

In poor weather you’ll experience an amazing virtual reality tour of the Lake Tekapo night skies! This unique experience features stunning 360 degree images of the stars and an incredible time lapse including the Aurora Australis (the Southern lights). Custom-drawn artwork will bring the constellations to life and is complemented by a fascinating blend of science and storytelling.


Image Source: Tekapo Stargazing