Ufly Adventures Lake Wanaka Scenic Trial Flight 瓦納卡Ufly 開飛機體驗

U-Fly將載您高空領略新西蘭南島阿爾卑斯山瓦納卡湖景區久負盛名的綿延山峰和 清澈透明的河流。乘坐U-Fly的飛機空中游覽,定會令您覺得不虛此行

At the guidance of a professional flight instructor, you begin your experience by taking off from the mountain hugged runway, fly over the glacier lake of Wanaka, circling around the mighty peak of Mt Aspiring, and landing safely back on the grassy runway.


在經驗豐富的教練陪伴下乘坐小型飛機進行的短時20分鐘,30分鐘或1小時的飛行。由合格的教練指導您完成飛機的雙重控制,同時完成起飛,飛行和著陸。還可以在高空探索中奧塔哥(Central Otago)史詩般的風景

A scenic trial flight is a short 20min, 30min, or 1 hour flight in a small aircraft with an experienced instructor at your side. The qualified instructor guides you through a take off, flight, and landing, all while having dual control of the plane. The dual control means that you are in the safest hands and the instructor will only give full control to you when you are confident and comfortable to do so. Also, you have the chance to explore the epic landscape of Central Otago in the upper air.

If you have always wanted to learn how to fly, or if you have ‘flying a plane’ on your bucket list, U-Fly Wanaka is the perfect place to book a trial flight. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors have many hours flying in Lake Wanaka region. They know the area and the conditions, so you are in the very safest hands.

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